According to National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), men should have no more than four drinks on a single day and no more than 14 drinks per week. Women should have no more than three drinks on a single day and no more than seven drinks per week. Older adults should have no more than three drinks on a single day and no more than seven drinks per week.

Obesity causes lymphatic vessel dysfunction and enhances lymphatic fluid leakage from capillary lymphatic vessels [69]. This alteration increases the Th1-mediated contact hypersensitivity response and delays clearance of skin inflammation [70]. Therefore, the Th1-mediated development of alopecia areata might be enhanced by obesity. While alcohol has not been directly linked as a cause for hair loss, drinking excessively can lead to other health issues that can harm hair health. There are many different factors that come along with a life of active alcoholism that can lead to hair loss or even baldness.

Alcohol and Hair Health: Understanding the Connection

For example, many people feel tempted to smoke more cigarettes while they drink. There is a direct link between smoking cigarettes and premature balding. Even being in the same room as cigarette smoke often can damage hair follicles and impact growth. Drinking excessive amounts of alcohol can harm hair, which requires adequate amounts of nutrients to grow and stay healthy.

alcoholism and hair loss

This is the reason recovery from drinking and hair regrowth are often so intertwined. Another important factor when discussing alcohol and hair loss is malnutrition. A person who is struggling with an addiction sober house to alcohol is almost always a victim of malnutrition as well. They are most likely getting almost all of their calories from the alcohol and are probably rarely having anything very healthy top eat.

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Smoking is also another factor that leads to dehydration along with alcohol consumption, so the two can compound the effects of the other making smoking and drinking and your hair all one big common problem. While you may knock out after drinking a lot of alcohol, this doesn’t count as restful sleep. In fact, many times when people fall asleep after a period of heavy drinking, they may wake up feeling tired and irritable.

Yes, over time regular excess alcohol consumption can negatively affect the factors that influence the health of hair follicles. For some individuals, their excessive drinking leads to participation in other poor habits, including smoking. Smoking cigarettes has been linked to various health issues, including visible signs of premature aging and deterioration in skin and hair health. Furthermore, combining heavy alcohol use with other substances may also put an individual at a higher risk of developing certain health issues, including hair loss. While there is slim evidence linking alcohol and hair loss together, illicit drug usage and abuse has been found to cause this condition in some individuals. Nutritional deficiencies aren’t the only reason drinking too much can cause hair loss — elevated stress levels are also often to blame.

Relationship Between Smoking, Drinking, and Hair Loss

The best way to avoid losing hair from chronic drinking is to cut back on the amount you drink or stop drinking altogether. If possible, people should keep their alcohol consumption at moderate levels. This refers to having one drink per day for women and two drinks per day for men – or less. However, alcohol is still a toxic substance, so there is no 100% safe way to consume it. On the contrary, one study showed that sleep quality seems to have no relationship with the risk of alopecia areata [53].

Can not drinking enough water cause hair loss?

Growth may slow or stop, and the hair shafts may become brittle and develop split ends. Water comprises one-quarter of a healthy strand of hair, so with improper hydration, your hair loses both strength and volume. Severe dehydration may even accelerate hair loss.


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