Crafting Excellence, Savoring Heritage: BMC, Where Tradition Meets Innovation.

At BMC (Bandung Milk Central), our legacy is a tapestry of expertise in milk processing, pastry & bakery, and bottled water production. Our commitment to preserving tradition while embracing innovation resonates in every product we offer. With a dedication to quality and a blend of time-honored practices and modern techniques, we strive to deliver premium dairy, delectable pastries, and safe, refreshing bottled water. Experience the richness of heritage combined with the excitement of innovation with BMC - a legacy nurtured to meet contemporary needs.

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Legacy in Dairy Innovation: Tracing BMC's Historical Journey

le seyne

Early 1900s - Dairy Beginnings: 'The Dutch Boers,' Dutch settlers from South Africa aboard the ship 'La Seyne,' established plantations in Pengalengan, Lembang, contributing to Bandung's reputation as a fertile region for high-quality milk production.

Photographer Joseph Rauscher
Source National Archives

1928 - BMC's Founding: The inception of Bandoengsche Melk Centrale (BMC) in Bandung originated as a dairy hub, initiated by The Dutch Boers to process and distribute the dairy products from their plantations. BMC emerged as Bandung's pioneering milk processing center.


1938 - Growth of Milk Production: In 1938, Bandung boasted 22 milk farms producing over 10,000 liters daily. BMC served as the central pasteurization facility, ensuring sterilization of this milk for distribution within and beyond the city.


Quality Endorsement: BMC's quality standards prompted the BMC Director to declare its significance as the sole milk processing center across the Dutch East Indies, acknowledging BMC's exceptional processing and the adoption of Friesian cattle farming practices akin to those in Friesland, Netherlands.


Friesian Cattle Introduction: Generaal de Wet Hoeve in Cisarua led by Hirscland and Van Zijll was credited with introducing the first Friesian cows to the Nusantara in the early 20th century. Lembangsche Melkerij Ursone, established by the Ursone brothers in 1895, evolved from a modest 30 cows producing 100 bottles a day to over 250 cows with thousands of liters daily by 1940.


European Managed Dairy Farms: Several dairy farms across West Java, including those near Situ Cileunca, operated by Europeans, resulted in the region being often likened to 'Friesland in the Indies' due to the abundance of dairy enterprises.

Bandoengsche Melk Centrale1

Post-Independence Transitions: After various shifts in ownership (from Dutch to Japanese during the occupation, renaming to Koperasi Soesoe Bandoeng), BMC eventually came under the governance of the West Java Provincial Government after Indonesian independence.

Continued Development: BMC, managed by the local company Kerta Sari Mamin in 1954, now operates under PT Agronesia. It has expanded its processing capabilities, not limited to milk but encompassing ice cream, butter, cheese, and cosmetic creams, meeting the rising demand for dairy products in West Java.

Pastry & Bakery.

Rainbow Cake

At BMC, we specialize in crafting delectable pastries and freshly baked goods that awaken the senses. Our pastry and bakery unit is dedicated to creating a diverse array of mouthwatering treats, from flaky croissants to indulgent cakes, all made with the finest ingredients and expert craftsmanship. Explore our range to discover the perfect balance of flavors, textures, and artistry that define our pastry and bakery collection.

Milk Processing.

03. Yoghurt-10

BMC's milk processing division is committed to delivering the purest, freshest dairy products straight from our farms. From farm to table, we ensure that every drop of milk is handled with the utmost care, maintaining its natural goodness and nutritional value. Our process guarantees quality, from pasteurization to packaging, offering a variety of milk options that cater to diverse preferences. Discover the richness and wholesomeness in every sip.

Bottled Water.


At BMC, our bottled water unit stands for purity and refreshment. Sourced from natural springs and treated through a meticulous purification process, our bottled water maintains its pristine quality. We strive to offer hydration that not only quenches your thirst but also reassures you of its cleanliness and superior taste. Explore our range of bottled water to experience the crispness and purity that defines our commitment to quality.

Our Royal Customer.

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